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At Australian Easy Train, we are registered as a Nationally Recognised Training facility and work to Worksafe Standards and are proud to have had hundreds of students pass through us. Our team are all fully qualified and you can see their profiles on Our Team page.
We are centrally located, close to Freeways and with lots of parking and small class sizes you can rely on Australian Easy Train to give your staff the best training facilities available so close to Melbourne.
Our Expertise is in Forklift, Dogman, Rigging and Crane Courses, delivering quality training. There are many courses to choose from and we offer training to individuals and companies, including refresher courses.
If you have any questions, please talk to our friendly team and we look forward to welcoming you on your next course at Australian Easy Train.


Wow! My life has changed completely since I got qualified in new machinery.

Mark Ferell, 32

Down to earth trainers that want you to pass! Could not recommend this crew enough.

Jason Watson, 26

Awesome! Easy to understand and follow Now to find that new venture for 2014.

Sandra Stone, 29

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Mon – Thu 8.30am – 5.00pm

Fri 8.30am – 3.30 pm


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(03) 9706 4882

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